Longer stronger & thicker hair

Rs. 490 Rs. 899

International Brand now available in india.

Delivery Within 4 to 5 Days

PERFECT: Food supplement that acts every day from the inside, in the capillary bulb,

to maintain anchorage and hair growth.

EFFECTIVE: Improvement of hair volume for 86% of women. Increase in hair

iameter for 78% of women. Improvement of hair quality for 95% of women.

RELIABLE: Scientifically proven results under dermatological control in the beauty of hair


Fortifies the blood and boosts circulation toward the pores of the scalp and nourishes the hair and stimulates capillary follicles Speeds up hair growth and stimulates blood flow allowing the birth of new hair

Fortifies the blood needed by the liver and kidneys to keep hair healthy Aids blood circulation toward the scalp-Nourishes the pores and capillary follicles in the scalp Keeps hair in optimal condition and provides luster and silkiness to the hair

Promotes optimal blood balance directed toward the pores of the scalp and skin-Provides essential nourishment to the red blood cells that affect the scalp

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